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Traversée sensorielle

Concours international Arturbain. PRIZE: MENTION ENVIRONNEMENT


A. Accotto, C. Costea

The theme of the competition is the accessibility of the peri-urban centres.

The project is located in the Grésivaudan, an alpine valley situated between Chambéry and Grenoble. This territory is strongly conditioned by the presence of the infrastructures (motorway and the railway) and by the Isère river. All this elements contributes to separe the two banks. This aspect contrast with the demand from local communities to improve the transversal cycle-foot links between the two banks.

The project consists of an urban restructuration between La Terrasse and Tencin. It includes a new cycle-foot path and the refurbishment of a leisure centre located in the middle of the walk. The path is conceived as a « sensory path », aimed at reading the valley's geography in the transversal direction. The path raises to cross the motorway (to admire the infrastructure) and it descends to cross the Isère (to get close to the natural environment).

This project is the winner of the prize « Mention Environnement 2010».

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