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Masterplan Nichelino 2010



A. Accotto, S. Bergamo, T. Fracas, A. Pelleriti, L. Serais

Nichelino is a city located in the urban agglomeration of Turin. After an exceptional and untidy development during the Sixties (15.000 inhabitants in 1961, 45.000 inhabitants in 1971), the city is today an eterogeneous patchwork of rural and urban elements. Thinking at different spatial scales (the city and the urban area), the project aims at producing a future vision for Nichelino.

The project is based on the enhancement of the green infrastructure (rural areas and the river Sangone), on the improvement of the traffic circulation, and on the promotion of the historic area of Stupinigi, a baroque royal residence from the 18th that is used at present as a roundabout.