Agnese Accotto

architecture and landscape

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Infiltrations - Ecological infrastructure

Master aedification-villes - grands territoires. ENSAG


A. Accotto, C. Caroff, S. Soumpholphakdy

The Grésivaudan valley is an alpine corridor located between Grenoble and Chambéry. It includes an area of about 40 km lenght. Due to the rapid development of the high-tech industry in Grenoble, the area is nowadays subjected to a high residential pressure. The main risk of uncontrolled urban development is to loss the existing environmental values.

Based on a site-study, this project is aimed at thinking strategies at different scales (metropolitan and local) for the sustainable development of the Grésivaudan valley in the next years.

The starting point of the project concerns the method of investigating the territory. The relation between the full spaces (the urbanized zones) and the empty spaces (the natural and agricultural surfaces) is inverted, in order to recognize the value of the open natural spaces. The works focuses on how to strenghten and make perpetual an ecological infrastructure in the valley and how this can affects the territory in terms of spatial form.

The project is developed during the master course « Aedification-villes Grands Territoires » at the Ecole d'Architecture de Grenoble.