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Façade Colour Plan

Treviglio (BG)


A.Accotto, M. Buffa, E. Bardini

The image of a city is strongly influenced by its colours. Visible from the public space, the external façade of buildings is a sort of « public space ». The aim of the Façade Colour Planning is to coordinate the image of the city and enhance the image of a city.

The project is located in Treviglio, a city of 30000 inhabitants situated 30 km from Milan.

After a phase of urban analysis focused on the façades of the medieval city centre, we have defined five categories of façades, each one related to a specific renovation approach. This is supported by a “Good/bad practice” book of examples and sketches, conceived to help the user’s choice.

Anyone wishing to repaint a building within the old part of the town has to submit an application form to the City Council, giving details of the colours and techniques to be used. The plan is conceived in a flexible way, in order to be implemented as new needs emerge.